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Helen + Steven at Queen’s Landing in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Our little Helen finally married her Steven this weekend ... and we were absolutely delighted to be a part of their Big Day at Queen's Landing in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Helen came to us because she connected with our work ... she also quickly became a friend and confidant. A total kindred spirit! We love it when those magical little friendships blossom because it makes doing 'our thing' for the wedding extra special!

The oh-so-romantic shades of red, burgundy and cerise that comprise a palette we like to call Passion featured prominently in Helen + Steven's wedding day floral decor. Garden roses, orchids, pink/red hydrangeas, pink pepperberries and some off-beat elements such as pomegranates, chestnuts and curly willow appeared in spades.

We knew we had nailed it when Helen (still in her PJ's!) came running barefoot into the Ballroom giving us all exuberant hugs of appreciation ... and we hadn't even finished our floral installation yet!! Helen + Steven ... it was our great privilege to be a part of your wedding celebration ... we're sure it was some sort of divine appointment!

This was Helen's bridal bouquet ... loving those amazing orchids and gorgeous garden roses!!! A perfect match to the detailing her in dazzling wedding dress ...

Red Brides Bouquet

Red Brides Bouquet 2

Red Brides Bouquet 3

Helen's bridesmaids carried slightly smaller coordinating bouquets ... they really rocked against their black dresses!

Red Bridesmaids Bouquet

Helen + Steven's wedding ceremony took place in the beautiful glass encompassed Atrium at Queen's Landing.

Queen's Landing Hotel / Front Entrance with Pillars

Altar Flowers at Wedding Ceremony in the Atrium at Queen's Landing 3

Wedding Ceremony in the Atrium at Queen's Landing

Wedding Ceremony in the Atrium at Queen's Landing 2

Altar Flowers at Wedding Ceremony in the Atrium at Queen's Landing 3

Wedding Ceremony in the Atrium at Queen's Landing 8

Wedding Ceremony in the Atrium at Queen's Landing 4

Wedding Ceremony in the Atrium at Queen's Landing 5

Wedding Ceremony in the Atrium at Queen's Landing 6

Wedding Ceremony in the Atrium at Queen's Landing 7

Guests later returned to the Atrium for cocktails followed by an evening dinner reception in the Grand Georgian Ballroom. Once the Ceremony had taken place, we created this large floral piece underneath the chandelier in the Atrium ...

Flowers in the Atrium at Queen's Landing

In the Grand Georgian Ballroom, we installed various elements of floral decor including table centrepieces and number of oversized 'branchy' pieces made of curly willow, orchids and our glass bell lanterns!

Orchids and glass room divider at Queen's Landing

Curly Willow, Orchids and Lanterns at Queen's Landing

Altar Wedding Flowers at Queen's Landing

Red Centerpieces with Pomegranates

Red Centerpieces with Pomegranates 2

Red Centerpieces with Pomegranates 3

We really appreciate Helen's quirky sense of humour ... case in point: her and Steven's fascination with Squirrels. Hilarious! They even went so far as to procure a boat-load of Squirrel Nut Zippers candy for their wedding ... apparently we missed out on these little delights as kids.

Squirrel wedding decor

Steven made this great photo booth vignette replete with pictures of their doggies ... we hear it was a hit with guests lined up to pose!

Photo booth at Queen's Landing wedding

Wedding Flowers: Vintage Design Co.
Wedding Venue: Queen's Landing, Niagara-on-the-Lake
Linens: Simply Beautiful Décor
Photography: Boston Images
Cinematography: Still Motion

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What You're Saying

Helen!!! you're married!!! Congrats-hope you had a wonderful celebration! MFS... you did it again-your work always blows me away!

Nataschia Wielink - Feb 19, 2011

Stunning floral decor. Serious.

Elma - Feb 19, 2011

JUST AMAZING! I was so privileged to be in the hotel this weekend and sneak a peak at these gorgeous flowers. Jennifer, you are soooo creative and talented! Helen, you obviously have such amazing taste ~ I was so sad not to be able to see you on Saturday, but now that I do….. WOW, did you ever look beautiful! THAT DRESS! Just gorgeous!!!! I am so happy for you! Many Congratulations again to you and your new HUSBAND! Stephanie

Stephanie - Feb 19, 2011

These are the first photos I have seen of the wedding and they are unbelievable. Mark, you are uber talented! To be able not only to have the most incredible flowers imaginable but to have the most incredible friends there to share their gifts and talents with me, I couldn't have asked God for anything more perfect than that! It is rare and truly a blessing to meet people like you and I feel so blessed to be able to share the most special of days with you all. Words cannot express how I feel about everything you have done for us. I hope you know how very special you are to both Steven and I. Thank you so much.

Helen (Bride) - Feb 19, 2011

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